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Conference room setup for customer display

I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to get our companies new TV's to link how our sales people like it.

These TV's were purchased without my approval, and now I am attempting to make them work (so purchasing new tv's with the software won't cut it)

Basically our sales people want to be able to bring in customers, and allow the customers or themselves to connect to the new large 86 inch LG screen tv they had installed in the conference room. It has Airplay defaulted on there, but no smart share. (The installer was just worried about his phone connecting the whole time).
***EDIT: Need to make a note I am talking about wireless options primarily due to the distance/clean professional needed look. Our conference room table is solid marble and they don't want to cut into it in order to run a cable, and running it around the bottom looks bad.***

So what would be both the efficient, smooth, and cost efficient way of random people walking in with devices (connected to my guest wifi, which I'll hook the TV too as well), being able to plug something in, and start broadcasting their display on the large TV.

Ideally something that doesn't require extensive software downloads since we have rotating customers with their personal devices.
Plug and play would be ideal. Some kind of remote HDMI is possible, but have heard very mixed results from it. Something that users cannot mess with.

Just checking for ideas here if anyone has any. Remote HDMI atm is my leading "solution" but I am not to happy with the thought of that. I worry about it interfering with my wifi network.

Also something that is mutli compatible (hdmi, displayport, usb, microusb, etc) since not all laptops have the same type of ports available now adays.
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If it has got Airplay, there shall be some sort of screen mirroring available. But anything wireless, mostly has lag .


There are third party solutions, which accept connections from Mini Display Port, HDMI , Display Port, DVI and convert it all to HDMI , but I won't recommend them much as I can't guarantee of their reliability. Something better maybe an Amazon basics adapter. You will still need some cables handy to connect it to your customer's equipment


Most Laptops Have HDMI or display port these days, with HDMI being more common. So I guess there to be atleast 2 or maybe 3 HDMI ports to the TV, so you can get an HDMI to Display Port mini cable from any good brand or amazon basics, an HDMI to HDMI , an HDMI to USB Type C , and an HDMI to HDMI and tuck them behind the TV. This will be the most reliable ( Chances of Cable failure are less as compared to the failure of an adapter)


Else Try Chromecast. So Most laptops can stream directly, and also have another dongle handy. Nothing much interferes with your WiFI. Just there still could be some lag

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I guess I should have made note of the conference table being a distance from the 86 inch TV. Wireless options are kind of a must in order to make it look "clean and professional". I'll edit main post to clarify.

Chromecast is def something I am leaning towards, just not sure about installation requirements (not like I can get on every customers laptop and install it for them after all)

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