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PC random shut down


msi x370 gaming pro carbon

ryzen 5 2600x

rx 5600 xt

16 gb 3200 mhz ram

evga 500w 80+

My pc shuts down randomly sometimes and when I press the power button it doesnt work. So I just whack it a little and it boots up again. I reconnected all the cables and it still does that sometimes

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1 minute ago, boggy77 said:

low quality psu, low quality experience

What should I upgrade too

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12 hours ago, boggy77 said:

budget and location?

first I would make sure the psu is at fault though. any way you can borrow one from a friend to test?

It doesnt happen often it happens every now and then. So if I borrow a psu I would need to use it for a long time.

I'm in america and I dont want to waste more than 70-60

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It definitely not a power supply problem. It shuts down and I give it a light whack and it turns back on. like wtf happened  

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