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Need Help for creating VLAN For Guest AP on Router being used as Repeater.

//A bit Long Post


I am using a Tenda AC10 - as my main router ( without the USB ) , you can check web interface simulator here  to see what kind of settings can be done . It is at my Local IP, DHCP on. This Router is on 1st Floor. My PC is wired to it by gigabit lan.


I have same SSID,Password,Security for both 2.4 & 5Ghz network. the Guest Network has SSID "Dighe Guest" for both Guest 2.4 & 5Ghz networks and carry same encryption , security and password.

It Gives Ip Addresses in the range 192.168.10.x for Guest users


Then I have a Huawei Router HG8145V ...( being used as a slave ) It is an integrated ONU. But that feature isn't in use as of now. The reason why I don't have this as a main router is that its range is relatively weak ( not too weak), so I am setting it up on Ground Floor, where not much bandwidth is required. It does give upto 400mbps on internet speedtests . Max LinkSpeed I have seen is around 560mbps. It is at There are other two old routers being used as switch at and for some less required wired connectivity.

(just a bit irrelevant info -  I don't like using Chinese equipment, but this was being used by my sister at her rented flat before the pandemic... I have checked it with Cisco OpenDNS, it doesn't seem to steal data (atleast didn't access any websites) on the contrary Tenda router seems to access cloud.tenda.com.cn and api.cloud.tenda.com.cn which I have blocked via Open DNS )


It also has same SSID, Password, encryption for roaming.. It also has multi SSID options. .. Its DHCP is Off, secondary DHCP server of it is also off. Main Router and Huawei Router are connected by Gigabit Lan. The specific IPTV port being used for connecting them on Tenda Router. Although it is functioning just as normal lan port for now.


Now I want to setup Guest Network on Huawei Router too, and it won't be possible without VLANs. It does support VLANs. my tenda Router doesn't directly support it but it supports it in the form of IPTV, and from that option I can add other VLANs. The main router actually has less user adjustable settings than the Huawei Router has. 


I am attaching screenshots of options in that router. I couldn't find a way to do it easily. There are some other settings on Huawei router like Secondary LAN IP address. I don't know about an option called DHCP Server Option configuration.



Thanks For The Help.








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