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Questions for Odyssey G9 Owners

Hi guys,


Looking to purchase my G9 as a single monitor setup for gaming/streaming rig.


I have a question regarding the split screen setup:

  • Would I be able to split screen with both "screens" having 240hz @ 1440p each provided I use the correct input cables and have a graphics card to support it? [currently using 2070, upgrading to 3090]
  • Would even 1 screen be at 240hz and the other at another refresh rate?
  • If its recognized as a second monitor, in games like COD Warzone, would it show up as a different monitor in the output options in game? [If I want a specific "side" to play on]

Edit: Before you guys mention that my current specs won't take advantage of the monitor @ 240hz, I plan on upgrading to 10900k with a 3090 in the next few days - stock gods willing. [In Korea so I am hopefully able to better secure based on demand comparisons to the western countries]

5800X - EVGA CLC 360 - MSI MEG X570 Unify - TForce Xtreem Argb 32gb [16x2] 3600Mhz CL14 - Colorful iGame 3090 Advanced OC 24gb - Lian Li O11 Dynamic Black - EVGA Supernova 1000g+ - Lian Li Unifan x6 - LG 38GL950G - Acer Predator X27 4k 144hz

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