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kolink void RGB-controller and how to(?)


I just got that case the other day.

I am making a pc build at the moment.Not sure which b450 mobo to get.I was heading for tomahawk max,but i just checked the controller of the case and apparently it has to be plugged into a 5V 3pin argb header and or a VDG slot in motherboard.The controller itself is powered by sata power.Is there any other way around to plug it in a non 5V slot? or i have to buy a hub/controller? Or i simply buy a b450 motherboard that has 5V argb pin?

Thanks in advance,below you can find the pictures.


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VGD is Gigabyte only header. If you go with MSI, you will be using the standard 3pin-5V header. There are ARGB controllers, but honestly easiest and cheapest route is to buy suitable mobo rather than go controller route.

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hi, and thanks for your reply. 

apparently I don't need to plug any of these cables as I can just plug the controller into a sata power cable and adjust the rgb via the button of the case 

this means I can use any motherboard of my choice without having the need of a 5v  header 


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