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PC for FEM/CFD/Topology

Budget (including currency): 16 000 NOK (~$1,700)

Country: Norway

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: FEM-analysis, CFD-analysis, Topology optimazation. 

Other details: Don't need any peripherals. Software used: Fusion 360, OpenFoam, Altair Hyperworks.


I'm part of DNV GL Fuel Fighter, a technical student organization at NTNU, and we work with creating an energy efficient electric car for Shell Eco-marathon. For this we need a new computer for running simulation on our car's aerodynamics and structural points. 


So far I've been looking at the Ryzen 9 3900X possibly combined with a RTX 2060. However, I'm not entirely sure that a GPU will actually help that much in our simulations. I can't find any good info regarding Fusion or Hyperworks, but OpenFoam seems to utilize the CPU most. If you have any knowledge about this, I would appreciate if you share it with me.


Former members have advised us to go for 64 GB RAM, so I need some suggestions here. Also, the case doesn't need to be fancy. Easy to build in and good airflow is the most important.


Thanks in advance :)


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