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Msi Mpeg x570 gaming edge wifi not posting?

My 10 gig ethernet card is the only thing in all pc lighting up? Tested PSU changed extension cable a gpu wouldn't effect it nor a cpu... Anybody who knows why this happens to this specific board let me know...

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5 minutes ago, Lordofcheez said:

You need to give your full pc specs and stuff my dude.

32gb 8*4 3200mhz gskill ram cl16 1000 watt 80 plus bronze fully modular rosewill hive powersupply corsair 1000D case gigabyte auros 2070 windforce 3900x amd ryzen 9th gen 27 rgb fans 360 mm aio 250 gb main drive 2 tb m.2 ssd 2 tb 7200 rpm hdd

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did all the tests in terms of cables and shorting and testing each piece separately and settled on the mobo being the problem

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