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What is a normal temperature for a Ryzen 2600X with a Noctua D15?

I've just installed a Noctua D15 Chromax and my load temps appear to be higher than expected, particularly during load. I previously had a Noctua D15 standard and it appeared to be 4-5C cooler.


I'm getting 73C with Prime95 small FFTs and 75C with OCCT's power torture test. 60C with 3D Mark.


Typical usage I'm getting 35-40C idle and 50C when playing games such as Doom Eternal.


To those with the Noctua D15, what are your typical idle and load temps for reference?

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A Ryzen 2600X has a throttle temp of 90c.


Looks good to me.... game on!

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The ryzen CPU's love to warm up, no need to worry. It starts throttling at 90 degrees. You are faaaaaaar below that.

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