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Realtek Issues (DT-880 Headphones / Monoprice 111567 DAC)

So today I've noticed that I haven't updated my audio drivers in a while. So I've updated realtek and apparently it wasn't working at all before, so after doing that my buddies noticed a significantly better quality change to my input. But for some reason the headphones are not being detected in the Realtek audio manager, instead they are going through a name called DigiHug Track 0/1 &SPDIF in Windows Audio Control Panel. I'm trying to figure how to change it to Realtek and why it wants to use DigiHug but found no answers through google. Is it because of my headphone dac? I use DT-880 headphones with a DAC from Monoprice (model 111567) and they plug into the computer with a USB. I can only get 24 bit 48000Hz out of it, but I know I can definitely get more potential out of these headphones. The windows audio control panel shows a Realtek output device and the sound bar goes up when I have music playing but there is no audio coming out from anywhere, even if DigiHug is disabled. So if anyone has any clues or answers I would really appreciate it and you have my thanks.


(EDIT:) Adding Pictures



In this picture is the Realtek control panel, it does not recognize DigiHug nor does adjusting the settings here do anything.


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