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2600x, rtx 2070 bottleneck

Would a ryzen 5 2600x turbo to 4ghz bottleneck an rtx 2070


Main games I play:


Battlefront 2 

Minecraft bedrock

Forza horizon 4




Realm royale



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At 1080P yes, is it a problem when you have 100-200fps ? I dont think so

7700k @ 4.7 GHZ on Gigabyte Z270-Gaming K3, Thermalright Macho Rev B, 16GB Crucial 3000MHZ CL15 , Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super ~1980Core, Windows 10

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Yes. For an RTX 2070, there almost always exists a set of circumstances where any game can be bottlenecked by any CPU, particularly if you play at a low resolution. You didn't state any, so I'll give some examples and you can work from there.


Note that, with Minecraft bedrock, vSync is forced on, so your CPU won't be the limiting factor unless you mod the crap out of it or you play on a 240 Hz display.


If you played at 1280x720, you'd be bottlenecked by pretty much every CPU, even a heavily overclocked Intel Core i9-10900K. Also, you'd be getting a LOT of coil whine, so there's that. So, if you were planning on buying an RTX 2070 to play games at barely HD, don't. Buy a GTX 1050 Ti or an RX 470, instead, getting whichever is cheaper.


If you played at 1920x1080, most CPUs will probably still bottleneck on those games, so I'd say 1080p is sort of sub-optimal for this card. But when it does bottleneck, your 2600X won't do as well as, say, an Intel Core i7-10700K (which may also bottleneck). You'd still likely be getting good performance (more than 100 FPS typically) either way, but there is technically more performance on the table.


If you played at 2560x1440, some games maybe? Most games will run the same regardless of CPU provided you have at least four decently fast cores.


If you played at 3840x2160, besides very rare outliers (I don't think any of those games are one), nope.

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