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Random Continuous Beep from my PC


I'm currently having a problem on my PC. I build it more than 1 month ago, and it's the 1st time i'm having this.

So from time to time, randomly, my PC starts beeping. a continuous beep, whatever i'm doing (gaming, watching movies...). I can't figure out from where it's coming.

I have a Ryzen 3 3200g, my mb is an Asus Prime B450m-k, 2x4go ram, ssd m.2 adata XPG + 2x 2.5 hdds 500go

I read it could be a CPU Fan error, but i don't know, it's spinning good and my temps are good (36 to 40 celcius, not gaming)

So can you help ? 


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check all of the system temps

though usually if a temp is critical to warrant damage the machine will not warn you it will simply shut off

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