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Ram Upgrade Asus Laptop Causes Screen Flickering

So long story short I bought a Corsair DDR3L 1.35v 1600mhz for my laptop Asus F550JX DM020D hoping to increase my ram memory up to 12gb and beside that I added an caddy for an aditional 240gb SSD . All good I pluged everything in and it was working fine will browsing and doing other task on it  . The problem appears while gaming the screen starts flickering and "the colors are not in the right place or the pixels " the image is distorted but you can see what is going on something like this image but more visible. I updated the bios and even reinstall the nvidia gtx 950m driver but no luck so far after 20 min or so in a game the same thing happens but only when i use the 8gb ram stick . I put back the 4gb stick that was on the laptop before and everything works fine i did 3-4 gaming sesions on it and nothing appears . I dont think the ram is bad I bought it brand new or it may be . I tought about reinstalling my windows but I dont know if that will work. 

If anyone has a suggestion for this problem I will love to hear it .Thanks .


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