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New receiver/speakers suggestions

Hi All,


Until recently I have been using an old (ca 2008) Philips Home Theater in a Box solution, taking it with me from my parents house, to my first apartment, to my first house and now in my second. Unfortunately it recently died and despite my (and my father's) best efforts we cannot figure out what happened to it, it just doesn't power on, but after replacing just about every component in the power supply it still doesn't work.


Since it only cost me about $75 over 10 years ago I think it is time to upgrade to something better especially given it's playing audio for an LG C8 65"


It is essentially a home theater room, the TV is mounted on the wall, and there are in-wall wires for speakers (center, front left & right, and rear left & right).

All of these with two HDMI cables run to a small closet on the other side of the room where I would like to put the receiver, the current sub is out of the closet but across the room from the TV.


I have a pretty good understanding of audio systems, but unfortunately I just don't have the time to sink into researching a good receiver and speakers.


I should note that I am in the US in the northeast


My general requirements would be:

  • Receiver requirements
    • 5.1 channels
    • SPDIF and/or Digital coax (I have a spdif to digital coax already run since the old system did not have spdif in)
  • Receiver nice-to haves
    • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
    • 7.2 channels
    • Support for more speakers (there are 4 other speaker wires run through the house, two in the garage and two in the basement leading to the closet where the receiver will live)
  • Speakers:
    • Rears small enough to mount unobtrusively on the ceiling
    • Good crisp sound
  • Sub:
    • Self powered
    • Wireless


Ideally cheaper is better, but I would put a budget on the receiver for around $300 or so, and speakers & sub around $150, budget is flexible, and would probably be bought over the next few months

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12 hours ago, GreenGiant117 said:

speakers & sub around $150

Per speaker or for all of them? because that's easily just one speaker or maybe a pair of satellites, but I don't think that will get you front, center, surrounds and a sub unless you find a nice second hand deal perhaps.


As for receivers Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Sony all make decent receivers. 5.1 is pretty easy to get, 7.2 will cost a little bit more. SPDIF is available on pretty much all of them as far as I know and I think coax is still pretty common as well. Note that you cannot do Dobly Atmos (unless it's DD+ with Atmos such as Netflix I believe) or DTS:X over SPDIF. You'll need HDMI for that.

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I would look to see if you can find the Pioneer B22 series (not the Elite) if you don't care about looks.  The Polk Signature doesn't have as good of sound but much better looks -- either are about $200 / pair.  Start off with two and then add a center, then rears.


https://sites.google.com/view/speakerdata/preference-ratings-graphs provides Harman preference scores and spinorama data, link to reviews, etc. for a wide variety of speakers from $100+++.


You can make any sub wireless for about $70-100, but for your budget I would look at either the elac 10" sub or wait until JBL has a sale on their refurbished units.

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