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rivet screws for gigabyte c200 case

Hi, I would like to purchase rivet screw for the title mentioned case. So, I would like to know the size of rivet screws. I think the size is pretty much same in every chassis...  

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What do you mean by "rivet screws"?  There are "rivets" and there are "screws".  Never heard of "rivet screws".  What is it that you are trying to do?  If you want to use screws, all you need is a screw driver, but if you are going to use rivets, then you will need a rivet gun or one of those devices that punches rivets.  I forget what they're called.  I have one in my tool box, but I haven't had a need to use it for years.

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Now I remember, I think they are called "pop-rivets".  If that is what you're looking for you should be able to get one from your local hardware store.  It comes with a device that looks like a pair of pliers and on the end of it you can see there is a hole in it that unscrews/screws in that allows you to change the size of the rivet you are working with.  Rivets come in different sizes, you use the one that fits the rivet that fits in the holes of the two metal pieces that you want to join together.  You line up the two holes, put the business end of the rivet in the hole, then slip the head of the pliers thing over the rivet and then squeeze hard.  The pliers will grip the rivet and then pull the rivet back thru the hole pinching the two pieces of metal together until the rivet pops/breaks which signifies that the rivet is in place and the two pieces of metal are gripped/pinched together.


I doing my best to try and figure out how to tell you how pop rivets work, been a long time.  Head down to your local hardware store and ask one of the hardware salesmen to show you a rivet gun and some rivets and show you how they work.


I sure hope that I have been able to give you somewhat of an idea of what rivets are and how they work.  Maybe that is what you're looking for.


Good Luck


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Just sitting here thinking, is there any way that you could drop us a picture or two or three of what it is your talking about and what you want to do?  Pictures speak a thousand words.


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I think all cases have the same size pop rivets. Just get 3.2mm rivets and your good to go :)

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