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Cached website data causes site not to load properly across entire network



I am a website developer and I am working on a site.   Everytime the site is updated and I try to access it after the update the site will not display.   What is worse is that somehow it affects the entire network including phones connected to the network via Wifi.


The only solution to get it to display properly with updates is to dismiss it from the Firefox "top sites list" . Then load the site again.  Clearing cache doesn't always do the trick.   And what is weird is that you can see the changes to the website in the icon for it in Top Sites but it won't load without an error message and the message that it is trying to connect to the server where the site is hosted.      This doesn't happen with any other websites that update including another site that I work on.


To clear it from the network you have to do the ipconfig /flush dns and other cmd commands.    


I don't know why this is happening or how to prevent it.  This issue affects all my browsers including Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.  


I'm attaching what I get when I update the site and then trying to load it before dismissing the "Top Sites"





website not showing.png

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