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Looking for my first mechanical keyboard

Hi all, I'm a keyboard noob who has only used membrane keyboards my whole life. I have very limited knowledge with mechanical keyboards but I'm looking to get my first one. What kind of things should I be looking out for? What brands are good? Am I just best off getting a big name like corsair? Help!

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Decide on a budget first ...

Then start by checking which layout you would like ... full size, tkl or 60% or something else maybe ...

Then check if things like rgb is important for you ...

Then learn about the different kind of switches that exist ... there's general categories like clicky, tactile and linear ... if you like noise then clicky might be for you ... if you want more quiet but like some tactile feeling then tactile ... if you want a smooth experience then linear ...


In each categories there's tons of switches available and lots of brands ... most easily available in pre-built keyboard is probably cherry ... those are not my favorites but still does the job.  If you find a pre-built that you think you would like, maybe try comparing


The best thing to do would be to watch some reviews about the keyboards that might interest you, maybe get a switch tester so you can feel them ...


don't put aside other brands like kailh or gateron as they have quite a good offering in switches and are often regarded as now superior to cherry ...


maybe consider getting a barebone and chose the switches you would like to try ... it will open up the possibilities ...

There's a lot of choice for the keycaps as well ... different material and keycap profile ...

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You really should test out some switches and find out what switches the keyboard would have especially if you ever plan to customize it later on. Looking into RGB aspect could be another thing. Some RGB keyboards produce a better white light than another manufacturer.


My only experience with mechanical keyboards are from Redragon. I'm loving K582 RGB Surara that I bought a second one to keep around as a spare. Hard for me to want to spend more than $45 for a RGB mechanical keyboard at this point. I also have a K551 RGB Mitra which was my first mechanical keyboard I bought, but the blue switches with the clicking is kind of noisy for people around me. Redragon quality and software isn't as nice as Corsair and iCUE software to customize RGB.




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I want to state that I appreciate the main forum page abbreviated the title of OP's post as "Looking for my first mecha..." and I was getting excited to come in here and talk about Voltron and Gundam and Transformers, but then I found out it was about a mechanical keyboard.




Talking about a mechanical keyboard, it'll be subjective based on a few factors:

1) finger feel (what you like in terms of feedback, pressure to trigger a key, sound)

2) what other people around you can stand

3) in some cases, what people can hear over a microphone as you type

4) How fancy you want the lighting to be...I guess.

5) Budget

6) How capable and/or invasive you want the accompanying software to be (:: middle finger to Razer ::, I do NOT like having to sign in to save my bloody profiles to your servers)


I'd test the switches if you can.  You could also literally buy a switch test kit and figure it out that way, but that's more money (ex. type keyboard switch tester into google or Amazon).

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I got a logitech one for like $50~ in the "home" section of Best Buy. Same switches as $150~+ gaming keyboards by logitech. Just no lights or gamr stuff.

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