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is there way to have 144hz output with external monitor?


So I bought legion y540 few months ago and I want to buy new monitor that I can use as a external monitor. I would like a 144hz output but don't really know if HDMI will be able to do that. 

Is there way I can achieve this? Do I need to buy a specific monitor to get it working?


Thanks for helping!

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If you have an HDMI cable and a 144 Hz monitor, it should work fine. You may need to go to Display Settings, Advanced Display Settings, Display adapter properties for Display [n], Monitor, and set the refresh rate to 144 Hz.

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You should be able to with mini displayport and an adapter to displayport. I got one that did 144hz through displayport and DVI-D, both worked fine.

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If you have a thunderbolt on your laptop you should be able to adapt it to a a displayport for your external monitor. For what i now it's the way that monitor accept 144hz

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