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Hey my current mic for streaming is the Blue Snowball Microphone. The original one I think not the ice one. And its very quiet. Like I have to put the sound it inputs up but then it picks up my fan, me typing, etc. I am abit quiet tho so it could be me. I was just wondering if I get a new mic for example the Blue Yeti X will that help the overall problem and quality of the audio? Whats the best mic? The Yeti Pro Or Yeti X Or something completely different? And would it be louder and not pick up as much background noice?

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How far are you from the mic? These are made to work best when they are some 10cm from your mouth. More the distance, the quieter picked up audio gets. And then you need to either increase gain on microphone or in recording side. Also which setting are you using?


I watched reviews by this guy when looking for mic year ago:


What I like is that they do the distance from mic so you can hear how much volume drops when distance grows.

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