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Piece of plastic fell from my RM550x!

Go to solution Solved by .Apex.,



Actually I think it's this one on the heat sink, same functionality, non crucial

Hey everyone! Just wanted to get back here and thank everyone for your help and also tell you how it all ended. 


I contacted Corsair's support on Brazil, and they asked me to return it through mail or in person. Their support team responses were all very canned and nobody told me why it happened, or what happened, nothing. They only said to send it to them.


And now, a few weeks later, I get a package on the mail. I open it up...




and it's a brand new RM750x. Yep, they got me a more and expensive powerful PSU for the trouble!


Their support team isn't too friendly but I'll take this beautiful PSU for sure! 


This thing has so many cables I'm glad it's modular. hahaha

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