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Should i buy an RGB mousepad?

Hi, I have a wierd question: I've been looking for a full table mouse pad and found this Phillips momentum for around $21 USD. Since it's a budget mousepad i don't expect it to be anything water resistant or very durable. Now i don't want to spend a lot on a mousepad and I mentioned water resistant and durable because I'm very clumsy and i drop/spill things a lot. I also have a bad habbit of eating on my computer table and sometimes i end up spilling my drinks on the mousepad and the table. Ofcourse i can just wash my current mousepad with water but i'm not certain about an RGB one. I have seen a few videos online on how to clean them but i didn't find any on on how to remove soft drinks etc from an RGB mousepad without damaging it haha. Should i just stick with my current non-RGB mousepad or should i change my habbits and go for the RGB one? 



(Image from google)

Mousepad Philips com luz de LED - preto (SPL7204)

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I recently bought one because I wanted the extra lighting at night, but I feel like I'm the very opposite of you - I never spill drinks, I barely eat at my desk, I don't gather dirt at all.


I haven't had to wash my RGB mousemat yet, but if I were to, I would only clean the areas that are needed and not the entire thing at the risk of frying the RGB module.


Don't quote me on this, but I've read baking soda and warm water will work to remove stains on cloth mouse mats, so you might want to experiment with cleaning solutions on your existing mousemats before you invest in a new RGB mouse mat, as you sound really hesitant to buy an RGB mousemat due to the technology involved.

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