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Ryzen CPU running very low voltage

I know low temps are good, however when my CPU only pulls a max of about 15W they are to be expected. 

So I have a Ryzen 5 2400G and at idle and low load (internet browsing ect) it only pulls about 4W, However when I was trying to edit a video it was struggling a bit, so I dropped the resolution down to 360p so I could scrub somewhat cleanly. However I was still having trouble, so I checked task manager and saw that i was never pushing the CPU beyond 12-20% and the GPU barely got above 5%. The memory was the only thing I saw above 50% and that was because I only have 8GB of ram and also had Chrome open using 25-30% of it. 

To check it out I downloaded Core Temp and saw that on an all core 100% synthetic load (registers as 100% in task manager), I never got above 15-16W of power and as a result never above 40 degrees C/ 

So no worries of thermal throttling, I built the computer myself but never dabbled with overclocking beyond enabling XMP profiles.

Can anyone suggest why at max load it is 40W lower than the rated TDP or am I just not loading it enough.



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