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Laptop turns on but no display

My laptop decided to not work anymore.  It lights up and I know one of the cooling fans turns on, the HD spins so there is power going to it.  But I get no display.  Even plugging in an external monitor I get no video.


While typing this I just noticed that it turns on when plugged in, but when you unplug it. it will not turn on.  The charging light is on, but letting it set for 10 mins with the charging light on, then unplugging it, it will not turn on.

Could it be possible that the battery being bad could cause it to not work at all with the graphics?


MSI GE72 2QD(Apache Pro)-235US-BB7570H16G1T0S10MH is the model.




| CPU: Ryzen 9 5950x | Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix X570-E | RAM: Trident Z Neo 32GB(2x16) 3600 | GPU: PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700 XT | Storage: Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 | Storage: 2TB Seagate 7200RPM  | Case: Lian Li 011 Dynamic PCMR | PSU: EVGA Supernova 750 G5 80+ Gold| Display: Pixio PX7 Prime | Cooler: Corsair H150i Elite Capellix

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If the laptop is more than a few years old there’s a good chance the battery simply wore out.  They do that.  You may also have a PSU problem though. 

model number returned a single hit in chinese character which I cannot read.

machine  name returned this:


this claims it’s 4th gen core intel which makes the machine quite old.  


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