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LTTStore delivery time (issues)? + confusion



First off, this is by no means a hate thread. Not intended as one, I'm just curious.


Well, I ordered two LTT Water bottles (one big and one small version) on the 10th of August (17 days, or 14 Work days) ago.


One thing that already confuses me is that the delivery time on the store page itself was estimated at 7-14 days (not sure if workdays or "normal" days), but on the page about the shipping policy it states it can take up to 30 days.

I've been checking my order every couple of days and its still stuck at "getting it ready", which I assume means the items still need to be packaged and sent out.


Again, not a hate thread, I love what is beeing done at LinusTechTips. I could have bought any insulated bottle, but wanted to show some support.


Just sad that the hot summer days are now pretty much over where I live and I really wanted to enjoy some Cold drinks from my nice water bottle... :(

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2 hours ago, TheBluePotato said:


Any inquires about the LTT Store need to be sent to support@lttstore.com, the forum has no direct communication with the LTT Store.

LTT Store does shipp on a schedule to keep cost down, once they so many orders they ship it out bulk. That is my understanding.

Took over 30 days to receive my Water bottle.

Additionally with Covid concerns shipping times has increased.

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To add to above. Shipping time is the time it takes shipping company to deliver item. Handling time can be much more, as stated above. This is same with all online stores. Getting something in 14 days from placing order, and in Europe, is quite optimistic. More so the smaller the store is. Bigger stores are prioritized, or if you pay more for expedite shipping.

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