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Ryzen 5 3600 45-50 celsius on idle?

I just built my first gaming and photo editing pc a few days ago and I have a problem with the tempuratures...

My specs are:

Ryzen 5 3600 (stock AMD Wraith Stealth Cooler )

Asrock b450m steel legend 

16gb gskill ripjaws 3200mhz (on 2966 mhz because of problems with ram compadability on this board)

MSI gtx 1650 super oc

toshiba nvme ssd

2tb hard drive 

80 plus gold be quiet power supply (500w)

and a terrible 50 euro case (kolink inspire k1)


Anyway, my pc on idle before I cabble managed it was 50 celcious and on load it would turbo up to 4 ghz on one core. While running cinebench r20 it will throtle to 3.75 ghz on all cores.

After i cable managed the computer my tempuratures droped to about 40-45 celcious on idle and 90 while running cinebence r20... Is that normal? I came from an intel platform where tempuratures would rarely touch 70 celcious while running an overclock....

Do I need an aftermarket cooler? If i do whitch one should I buy to keep my cpu cool (no overclock cause I want my warranty :)...)



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The idle temperatures are fine. The load temperatures are a bit high but still fine, it's a consequence of the stock cooler. The cooler is adequate to cool cpu in everyday applications and even heavy workloads like rendering a video, but won't be great at it for long periods of time.


The processor doesn't care what temperature is subjected to as long as it's under around 95-100 degrees, though it would be best to have it at or under 85c

your motherboard is configured to dynamically adjust cpu fan speed to reduce fan noise, if the temperature is low enough - so once you get to less than around 65c, the motherboard should lower fan speed tracking temperature... once you get down to 45-50c i suspect the motherboard will run fan at lowest speed or near lowest speed. 

You can manually adjust fan curve or force the fan to run at high rpm all the time but it's kinda pointless. 

If the fan can't keep up and you get to 90 degrees or so, the cpu will start to throttle a bit to cool itself down and stay safe. 


Otherwise yes, it's perfectly normal for Ryzen processors to go up to 80-90c, it's safe.

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90 is a bit hot, but when the cpu is under heavy load like cinebench r20 the standard fan isn't amazing anymore.

the 40-45° idle isn't a problem

Anything i've written between the * and * is not meant to be taken seriously.

keep in mind that helping with problems is hard if you aren't specific and detailed.

i'm also not a professional, (yet) so make sure to personally verify important information as i could be wrong.


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Idle temps for Ryzen is around the 50ish range. Seeing thermal throttling with Cinebench is not a suprise since its such a heavy workload for this model of CPU. i'd recommend to run R15 instead of R20.

Please ping or quote me if you want a response. :) 







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3 minutes ago, mariushm said:

The processor doesn't care what temperature is subjected to as long as it's under around 95-100 degrees, though it would be best to have it at or under 85c


It cares very much as temps are a major contributor to lower boost speeds.  That being said, @SonOfaLag it depends on your budget what kind of cooler you can get.


When there is no danger of failure there is no pleasure in success.

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Thank you all very much for your replies, I am going to change the stock cooler for a beefier one because I want to get into video editing so rendering is going to be problem with the stock amd cooler. In addition I want to see a core or two turbo up to 4.2 ghz while gaming because it is nessesery for some cpu demanding games, again thank y'all :)

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