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I have a couple questions about the 1650 Super. I am thinking about getting it, but some of the options say that they are over locked. Is that sketchy?--https://www.newegg.com/asus-geforce-gtx-1650-super-tuf-gtx1650s-o4g-gaming/p/N82E16814126358

Also I have a prebuilt with a pcie 2.0 slot. Will that affect performance? If so how much

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26 minutes ago, TarmacBeast2330 said:

over locked.

You mean overclocked? That just means the cpu clocks higher, therefore runs faster, therefore you get a slight performance boost in games and what not, it also means that it probably sips a few more watts of power.

A PCIE 2.0 slot won't make a difference on a low end card like this one, but you may lose performance with higher end cards. And the Asus 1650 super tuf OC or non OC uses a 6 pin power connector.

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