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Corsair H100i RGB Platinum light getting stuck?

Hello everyone!


Just bought and installed my new AIO yesterday and noticed after awhile the RGB lighting will freeze. When you go into iCue as well, pump and fan speeds froze too, but everything seems to physically working? Temps look fine, so it's doing it's job. Why is it getting stuck? Even HWinfo64 doesn't detect AIO anymore when this happens..


RTX 2070 Super FE

R 3700x

Corsair CX750wM

ASUS X-570 TUFF gaming MOBO

Corsair LPX Vengeance 16gig RAM

860 Samsung SSD

Inland Premium NVME M.2 SSD


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1 hour ago, bmx6454 said:

have you tried a firmware update and/or icue reinstall?

Updated firmware, didn't reinstall it yet. Read online it might be a big with Rainbow settings, so I'm on Static Color for about an hour and all seems to be good? I have everything synced and before i noticed the lights would flicker out of sync, especially the AIO randomly until it "freezes". Sounds like software since everything else is okay

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