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Good Morning


I got s problem regarding my pc


I just build mine last week, everything just fine until yesterday.


when i turned on the power, the gpu & fan wont turned on but the rgb on  motherboard and ram is on. i dont know whether it was the motherboard of the psu itself.


my build is

ryzen 5 3600

rtx 2080 msi gaming x trio

pny ram 16gb rgb

1x ssd

1x hdd

evga 750w gold

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what mobo do you have? 
Do you have another GPU laying around that you can try and test your system with? Maybe your GPU is doa or just bad produced. 

If you have another GPU, stick that one in, boot your system and see if it works. If it does, check the other GPU again. If it then won't work again, your GPU is most likely dead. Which should be no problem if you bought your PC last week, just get a refund then.

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do the case fans throttle down after turning on, or do they stay at a constant speed?

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