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120hz refresh rate on UHD 630

Hi guys -


So i just received this Asus VP249QGR monitor today. I'm aware at least that i need a decent GPU to achieve its advertised 144hz, but i'm still saving money at the moment. 😁
When i checked the monitor settings earlier, i can only see 59, 60, 100 and 120hz in the options.


Can anyone tell me if it is totally safe to set it to 120hz (or even 100hz) always even when i'm using an integrated GPU? I'm currently using i7-8700 and 16GB of RAM.


Thank you!

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Setting it to 120hz is fine. Your desktop and browsing experience will be a little bit smoother, so that's nice. It's just getting 120fps in games that's going to be difficult. No game is going to run 120fps on integrated graphics. Unless you count Solitaire.

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