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Lag in games on dell g3

So i got this dell G3 after watching a video from Linus on it, the specs are

I5 8300H 3.9 GHz

8GB DDR4 2666MHZ ram

GTX 1050 4 GB

1 TB hard drive 

So the issue is when i play i play games like GTA V my FPS drops so bad sometimes the game is unplayable and i kicks me out of lobbies and sometimes the game crashes as well(it doesn't happens in fortnite tho)

I've tried every single solution i could find on YouTube but nothing has worked, I've tried it on all resolutions from low 800x600p to very high\ultra on 1920x1080 and V Sync on and off but nothing has fixed the issues i did reinstall the game a few times i did reinstall windows ad well and i just re-verified the game files today again but no luck so far 

there is no resources that are used like 99% while gaming or nothing thermal throttles i did do Intel XTU stress tests as well and the max was about 81 degrees after reapplying thermal paste. I did uninstall display drivers and update them and it still didn’t fix it

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Single channel Ram or a slow HDD (5400rpm) could be a culprit in open world games where new level data is constantly being read in from the drive as there is too much to store it all in Ram at once.


Does the frame rate stabilize if you stay in a small area in GTA and drop if you start driving around?


Clean install of Windows 10 and drivers is free to try

If it's a Ram or HDD issue you may have to buy an extra stick of 8 gb DDR4 ram to make use of dual channel or a smaller but much faster SSD to stream in game data faster.


Does it only happen in large open world games?

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