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Asus notebook not using on-board GPU

So I've got an Asus FX553VE Notebook as my daily driver and I noticed something about how it uses the hardware it is born with (while I was checking photos in an editing software because color depth was way off), and it turns out that it doesn't use the GPU it is built with. 


It is instead using the integrated GPU chipset on the CPU which turns out disabling it is impossible without complications.


The normal GPU does not take over the disabled driver despite everything being up-to-date, and the graphics section in bios are greyed out except for something called 'DVMT Pre-Allocated' which to my limited understanding is some kind of a setting for the 'internal graphics device'.


Also the overall settings availability in Bios is surprisingly limited as-well compared to my normal PC I use for editing video etc.



Sorry for the long explanation but my question really is, how do I permanently switch to the Nvidia 1050-Ti on my laptop when a lot of things seem to revert back to default settings on it's own or simply refuse letting me change bios settings? 


I've already went through the Nvidia control panel etc and switched to the correct settings, but the advanced display settings in Windows keeps saying that the laptop still has the CPU as default GPU with measly 6-bit color....




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