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I have been using a 256gb SSD as boot drive for a while along with a 1TB HDD from Toshiba. But today I decided to get another 1TB HDD to increase my storage. But when I connected everything, my pc kept giving me "No windows" error (Google It). All 3 drives are visible in BIOS. Then I pulled out the sata cables from my hard drives and my pc ran fine (except now I only have 256GB SSD storage). I checked my BIOS settings to prioritize the ssd as boot drive. But I don't see the option there. I don't know which one to choose. I'll attach a pic with all the options. There are only HDD options, but no ssd option. 


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I'm sorry for the confusion. Somehow my BIOS automatically selected the ssd as first priority as there were no other drives. Now it's running fine. I guess it's fixed

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