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Connected to network but no internet


I was running fine for past couple of days then suddenly I started to have intermittent network failures where I would lose internet access from my computer for a couple of seconds. This eventually progressed to my windows 10 computer showing no internet access no matter what I tried. I tried ethernet same issue wifi same issue. I eventually reinstalled windows. It worked for a bit then started again. I again reinstalled windows but this time did a clean instal. Now it will not work at all. All the other devices on my network have internet access and from my pc I can view all the other network attached storage devices. If anyone can help that would be great I have tried changing ipv settings reinstallng uninstalling drivers and most of the basic stuff found online. Simultaneously my computer decided it would not allow me to boot properly through a live USB so I cant even try to see if its a hardware issue via my Ubuntu Live disks. Does this sound like a motherboard issue as we have had intermittent blackouts recently and I am worried a surge got it. Should I update Bios?

Please follow your topics guys, it's very important! CoC F.A.Q  Please use the corresponding PC part picker link for your country USA, UK, Canada, AustraliaSpain, Italy, New Zealand and Germany

also if you find anyone with this handle in games its most likely me so say hi


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