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Poor PIA VPN compatibility with Android TV

I recently got a PIA subscription (please refrain from comments on the service alone, I am learning it's quirks) and am installing the apps on all my devices.  My TV is a Sony Bravia 4k (2015) running Android 7.0.  After installing the app I'm running into a weird issue where the TV won't turn back on from being "off" (it's more similar to a sleep state where you just turn off your screen on your phone and press the button to wake it up).  The power light comes on but screen remains blank for about 20 seconds, turns back off completely, then begins to reboot (and it's not a quick startup).  The whole process can take over a minute which is a long time to wait every time I want to watch something.  I leave the VPN always on because it's cumbersome to go to the app to turn off.  Any guidance or suggestions?

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