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What sort of browsers are out there?

Recently I asked my brothers what browsers they use. One uses Yandex while the other uses that funny new gaming browser Linus made a video a while ago about.

I'm here still using chrome, but I was thinking I'd like to try something different with more privacy, less tracking. I use the Duckduckgo search engine since it's supposedly more private than google search.

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have you heard about the brave browser? i personally haven't used it, but it's supposedly the best one for privacy

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The previous suggestions are both good options. If you want a browser with focus on privacy, but want some of the comforts that come with a browser that's more widely supported, Firefox is a good option. I currently use Firefox and Duckduckgo and have no issues compared to my old setup of Chrome + Google.

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At the moment for browsers you have the Chromium Based and the Firefox based.


Chromium Based = very little customization this base has basically take over the user base it is the new internet explorer. you have some choices


Google Chrome This is basically Spyware it does creepy things in wire shark i highly recommend avoiding


Chromium  The open Source Browser that google Adds google branded creepiness into to make chrome


Brave: Chromium with stuff added you can add your self with extensions says it is privacy respecting still highly corporate has some creepy things going on with cryptocurrency


Vivaldi: made by refugees from Opera Feels like Old School Opera in the fact it aims itself at "Power users" people like it but I wont vouch for it as i can't audit it's code.


Ungoogled Chromium: https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/

All the usability of chrome with all the google Ripped out by force  Of the Chromium forks i recommend this one the most.


Firefox Based

Firefox it's Self: Used to be a nice browser started doing annoying things to it's UI now it feels like its trying to sell you services rather than let you Ski the Web.


GNU Icecat: the without a doubt the most Privacy respecting browser on earth but it's only available for Linux


Waterfox: Somehow more privacy respecting than Firefox which is odd considering the project was bought out by an Ad Agency. Less annoying interface works with both new and Classic extensions.


Palemoon  AKA "Palememe" a independently developed and open source fork of Old school Firefox. Basically old Firefox UI with the modern rendering engine if the fox derivatives this is what i recommend.



The browser you use is ultimately base on what you want out of the internet i hope you find this post useful in picking one.



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