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HTPC case suggestions?

Hello :) I've got some spare parts laying around. Asus b360 gaming (mATX), a 500w psu, gtx 1050, some random memory and a I5 9400F. I had a idea in my head of building some sort of a HTPC which i also can use to play some old nintendo and wii games through a emulator. But finding the right case for me was a lot harder than expected.  I want something close to this https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=395&area=en. The silverstone one was pretty perfect, outer dimensions was also nice but it only supports low profile expansion cards -.-. Could it be possible to modify the case with a dremel to support normal size GPU, with pcie extension of course. Or does it exist a product close to the ml04 but with full size GPU that i have missed while searching the big internet? If i only had more time it would be a fun project to try and make a case with plywood or something :P

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19 minutes ago, buyobuyo said:

What about SilverStone's GD series?

Well, i have looked at them as an last option. However they don't look as sleak in design as the silverstone.

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 Decent case to build in with a lot of space. However it does have a lot of sharp edges.






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