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Need Help

I have an old PC with a 1 TB hard drive. I have built a new one, but will still be keeping the old one for experimental purpose. Now, I have done a fresh install of Windows 10 on the new PC(with another 1 TB hdd) and I want to add the old hard drive from that PC to new one, (since all my applications and games are installed on the old drive) to increase storage. How can I use the programs without reinstalling them(they are in another partition on the drive), and also want to shift the old OS to another hard drive which will be installed in the Old pc. How can I shift the OS from the old hard drive to another one, and programs from old drive to new?

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You can clone your hdd using something like macrium relfect free.


As for programs, you can try connecting the drive and then navigating to the .exe and run it. If the program does not open/work correctly no other choice but to reinstall them.

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