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1 Monitor at 60 HZ and the other at 75 HZ.

Hey guys, so I bought 2 monitors off Amazon, they're Sceptre E24's and supposedly they run at 10 bit color and at 75 Hz, which is nice. So I thought I would configure it as such. So display 2 is running at 75 HZ, 10 bit color blah blah blah, but display 1 is stuck at 60 Hz, 8 bit color, blah blah blah.


I'm running an MSI R9 290X, with Display 1 coming out of the HDMI output, and Display 2 coming out of the DisplayPort output.


How do I make them both match at 75 Hz?

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3 hours ago, Imaginationac said:

Use a DisplayPort cable to display 1.

I would, but I don't have another DisplayPort output on my graphics card. I only have one.

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