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Worth getting a replacement 27GL850?

I posted a few days ago in regards to somethings I noticed about my new 27GL850. Super happy with the monitor, but this being my first IPS and expensive panel, I naturally am very paranoid that I have a defective or bad panel. Thankfully this panels doesn't have any dead pixels and the blb on it seems to be pretty minimal, but there are two manufacturing things which have recently caught my eye.


First, it appears that there are some shadows visible under the left and right bezels. These are only visible when looking at the monitor from an off center angle or from really close. After speaking to some owners of these panels and other IPS panels, most seem to say that this is normal. Take a look and judge for yourself: https://imgur.com/a/3AHzCoN


The second thing that has jumped out at me is that it appears that the anti reflective coating looks as if there are bubbles under it in both top corners of the screen. While this is not on the actual screen, it is noticeable when I have the lights on in my office. It is very hard to see on the photo, but it is visible right at the corner of the screen: https://imgur.com/a/0POUzhw. There is also a tiny dot similar in appearance closer to the lit portion of the screen.


The general idea I am getting from most that I speak to is that these are normal things that happen on these panels, but is it worth me taking the panel back to Microcenter for things like this? I understand this is a pretty subjective question, but I am interested to see what others think. I still have a little less than 3 weeks before my return/replacement period ends, so I am trying to plan out my next move.



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