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PC Performing below expectations (38th percentile)

Don't use user benchmark. 

It's known to be full of bull crap. Just look at a reputable source like gamer Nexus or hardware unboxed or use a stress test and compare your results with others. 

Edited by TofuHaroto


CPU: Ryzen 3 3100. Board: B550m TUF plus. Memory: 16 (2x8) 3200 cl16 Hyper x Fury RGB. GPU: Gigabyte Windforce 1650 super.  Boot Drive: MX500. Case: Antec NX500 (Quite crappy. :p) PSU: CX450. 


Hehe, Meshify c is a kewl case. 



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Userbench is fraudulent and banned on r/hardware, r/intel and r/amd - avoid using it as it's basically random numbers that push the owner's weird fifth grade agenda.

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Recheck with another benchmark but it looks like your CPU heatsink is doing little to no work. The turbo figures show that the CPU gave into thermal throttling before even reaching the base clock speed. Assuming the heatsink is even attached (has it been mounted properly?) the issue is probably due to bad thermal compound application which could be any of these:

  • Too much applied (you only need a small amount, many videos on Youtube to show the 'rice grain' required)
  • None applied at all
  • Not properly cleaned (heatsink was removed, placed on dirty surface, remounted without proper cleaning and reapplication)
  • Protective plastic strip was never removed from bottom of the heatsink

The SSD is harder to say, running with a better benchmarking tool would give a cleaner indication of whether anything is actually wrong.

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