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Graphics flickers and screeching audio

Hi all,


First a warning that the videos attached have very loud scratching audio which is part of the problem.


Hopefully the videos provide enough information but I'll add some context. When I launch into levels of some games, I have issues where the graphics flicker and the audio screeches, causing some of the games to crash. The menus and the UI of the games however aren't affected. I've seen the same results on a fresh install of Windows using the most recent released NVIDIA graphics driver as well as a couple of previous ones. I'm currently on a fresh install of Windows which only has Heaven Benchmark tool, Chrome, Drivers, GeForce Experience and HWMonitor to check temps (which are fine) 





CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X @3.8GHz


RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 @3000MHz 2x8GB

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whats psu make and model

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A workaround was found where hard setting the CPU to constantly run at 3400MHz stopped these issues occurring. As the CPU was still within warranty, I sent it off for a replacement one, which I have now installed and these issues don't appear to be present. As for what caused this or what the overall problem was, not a clue, but it was down to the CPU.

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