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Transfer Windows from 2.5" SSD to M.2 SSD

I've recently purchased two SSDs to replace my current boot SSD and HDD (move a lot and worried that HDD could get damaged, it was also really slow). A while back I also got an M.2 SSD but never bothered to transfer the content of my boot SSD because I found it too complicated and unnecesary at the time. However now that i am replacing the boot SSD I figured I might as well put the OS on the M.2 SSD because it's faster than the new SSDs.


The current boot drive is a Kingston 128GB SSD and the M.2 SSD is a Corsair MP500 256GB drive. The new SSDs are Crucial mx500 2TB drives.


I've found some recommendations of either using Acronis True Image or Macrium Reflect to clone one drive to the other, however all the guides I've found have transfer from an HDD to 2.5" SSD or from one 2.5" SSD to another and requires one of the drives to be connected externally via a USB to SATA cable.


How do I clone my current 2.5" SSD boot drive to a M.2 SSD?


Also which is better between the Acronis and the Macrium cloning tools?

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same way you clone 2.5". Clone one drive at a time. load Acronis click clone disk make sure click right source disk which has that data. Then it asks which Target Disk which would be new m.2 SSD.


might have to change the partitions size around i cloned 120gb to 250gb and new 250gb turned into 120gb so i had download another third party software called EaseUS to change the size back to 250gb

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