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My PC wont post I'm going crazyy

Decided I wanted to try over clocking my ram (something I've done many times before) probably over shot it and it wont post. So I tried everything. Taking out any parts that werent especial to post. I cleared cmos tons of times. Removed mobo battery. Reseated CPU, GPU, RAM.  And now I'm at a lose. It powers on a the monitor detects an out put but it just wont post.


I have a b450m-a w/ 5 2600x 980 to and 32 gb ram


Only thing I've noticed different in boots is if I boot with the GPU in my keyboard wont light up and if I bot with it out it will light up but still no post.


Cant afford another motherboard right now but I'm fearing it died..

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Try taking out one of your ram sticks, so there’s only 1 (assuming you have 2) then if no post still, try running the other one by itself as well.

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