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CPU Cooler - Too much mounting pressure?

Hi guys, recently bought a beQuiet Pure Rock Slim cooler for my ancient PC.


Mounted the heatsink and fan, PC refused to post.  Did some tinkering around, but long story short the mounting pressure of the heatsink was too high for my CPU, and that is what made it refuse to post.  I'm back to the stock (lovely) Intel cooler.


Have people had this issue before?  Heatsink mount pressure causing a PC to malfunction?  I've looked online, and found nothing specific for these kind of mounts (LGA 115*) that don't actually use screws.

My mobo + cpu are very old (MSI Z77A-G43 + i7 3770K) and doesn't actually use a backplate.  The instructions and box did not mention/include either of these as well, so I'm hoping that it's just my old hardware.  If this is the case, should I just hang on to the cooler and use it for when I finally upgrade my stuff?


Opinions welcome!


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