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Microphone for PC and mobile use?


I just found out that my fantastic Logitech C920 camera has a microphone that absolutely sucks. So someone advised to me to just get a separate USB mic. This is mostly for video calls on Skype, Duo on my desktop. But now I'm thinking that the majority of video calls with friends are on whatsapp or other Android apps, I'd benefit from a mic that I could also use there.


So, does anyone know of a USB mic that exists that can be used on PC and on mobile?

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The mics included in most phones nowadays are pretty good actually so I don't know why would you want a separate mic for that. Also if you want a USB mic, you would need a USB adaptor for your mobile device.

If you want a good USB microphone the Blue Snowball is a great choice, if you want something smaller of similar quality there is also the Fifine USB mic.


If you want something that is smaller and portable, then your best choice would be a lav mic. In which case the one below is pretty decent, however if you want better quality there is also the Rode one.


Blue Snowball

Fifine USB

Gyvazla Lavalier

Rode Smartlav+


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