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stuttering in game

Hello! I just built my new computer amd computer rig a few days ago. I've never overclocked in the bios aside from enabling docp to hit that 3600mhz for better over speeds. However, I noticed that when I play League of Legends, I would experience micro stuttering (not sure if this is what happened). Normally when I play I can go up to 144/200/244 frames but suddenly the screen kinda hangs for 1-2 secs and goes down to 29-30 fps and its really disrupting my gameplay hard. I'm not sure what could be the possible culprit here. Would appreciate some assistance or guidance from anyone whose experienced this before.

In addition, just would like to know my vddcr also hovers around 1.43-1.48V. Is this normal? Thank you.



ryzen 7 3700x

x570 asus tuf gaming wifi

gtx 960

2x8gb 3600mhz ram

700 thermaltake smart psu

256 gb nvme/ 1tb hardrive

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You should Blame your Nvidia Graphic driver, try to reinstall it, Same happened to me when i installed windows 10 with a driver that i installed from windows 7 and it was very old. So try these:


-Don't set to ''integrated graphics'' in nvidia control panel

-Update your Nvidia graphic driver

-Make sure your hardware is supported for your current OS

-Try to reset your power plan

-Use your Geforce experience (GTX feature) to Optimize your games

-Clean up your Disks.

-reconnect your power supply.

-Uninstall both Intel graphic driver and nvidia graphic driver and let your Windows 10 install them automatically (Last Attempt)

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Broken Nvidia driver. Use DDU to reinstall it without installing the geforce bloatware app

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