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How to have two drives in this system.

So I am working in a Dell prebuilt office computer. It has one HDD and a DVD drive. When I opened it up I found two normal data SATA cables and there was only one normal SATA power cable. Going into the DVD drive is one mini SATA power cable. 

The power cable attaches into the motherboard in a mini 6 pin connector and splits off into a normal SATA power and mini SATA power. 

Is it possible to buy an adapter or different cable? Or is this system limited to one drive? 




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3 minutes ago, mattdmg said:

Aye yo thanks for all the help. 😘

That might or might not work since it's a low profile sata power connector- I'd just get a SATA power splitter, it's not like you're drawing ridiculous amounts of power. 

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