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Hard Drive Boot Problem

I have my hard drive with windows on it connected to a sata cable to my motherboard and it's not getting booted to it. This is a fresh new built pc. Do I have to change boot order or? I can access bios but when my pc turns on it just boots straight to bios. 

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try using a different a sata port

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As Tom_Nerd said, try using a different SATA-Port on you Mainboard.


For further analysis could you maybe provide if that is your only drive or if you maybe use an M.2 - that could also be the root of your problem as sometimesy by using a M.2 SATA-Lanes get compromised and you can only use certain dataports.

It could also be a problem pertaining you (presumably old) hard drive or it's connection to the computer (mainboard as well as powersupply)

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I didnt have the power supply piece plugged in lol 

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