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InWin 101 fan config.

What would be the best configuration with my current setup. Currently have bottom 3 fans as intake, and the side, and rear as exhaust. Waiting on 212 to arrive. I7-8700k and gtx 1060.


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Pick something better than 212. Airflow-wise there's no issues.

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if it's anything like a 303 (judging by photos it is), the rear fan is the most important piece. The fans on the. right are really restricted by the side panel, I don't think it would be worth it to run them much faster than the others, and I assume you wanna keep it pretty quiet.

If you are willing to cut some pieces out of the right side panel I think a rear intake + side exhaust + very slow bottom intake would be pretty good.

With the current parts I'd suggest running the rear fun at up to 1300rpm, the bottom fans around 800 rpm, and the side fans at starting voltage, 500-700rpm, basically as slow as possible


Also I assume you chose the 212 based off price:performance. The arctic freezer 34 is practically the same thing but cheaper (you get good thermal paste with it and an integrated splitter on the fan cable). With the price difference you might be able to fit in another LED fan for it, though the stock p12 is very good.

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Audio:  Hyperx Cloud Stinger - Samson SR850 - Trust Screamer - Creative Gigaworks T20 II

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