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Question about Steam's install behavior

So I have this issue with steam where when I update a game it puts the files on my hard drive which is also the default drive and then moves them to where the game is actually installed on a SSD, is there a way to just download the updates to the games where the games are installed instead of putting them on one drive to move them to another? Both drives have space I can't see the reasoning behind this behavior.

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It might be putting the update in a temp file to ready it for extraction, which would be something Steam itself has to do, not the game.

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It will vary from game to game. Certain games update by downloading new versions and some update by patching. The ones that update by patching still need to download the files and it will expand the game's archives to replace a couple files and recompress. The download will be gone once the patch is complete.

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Your updates are not downloading in the right place?


Did you set the SSD as the Default folder for Steam games? (Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders)

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The game in question is ark, I set the SSD as the default folder now after how painfully long that update was. It still seems like it would be faster and make more sense to do it all on one drive rather than using two whether patching or downloading a whole new game cause you don't have to move the data around so much.

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steam puts all the downloaded files in steam's own install folder, then extracts and uncompresses the downloaded files into your destination. this install method is easier to track and results in less errors like not being able to find the files it downloaded.

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