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Speed issues on PS4. Three 5g internet Huawei h112-370  hub.


Hello Guys!

I moved and now I have 5g internet with three using a hub Huawei h112-370  .


Internet is working good more or lees, even when I do a speed test on the ps4 I have more than 50mb and nat2 type, is connected by cable. 


But when I am trying to play online Fifa20, is almos imposible to do it, I have a really bad latency. I have already done many things, as open DMZ create a static IP, special application, virtual servers. Nothing is working, customer services have no idea how to help me. Anyone has any Idea of what I can do? I also have a router that I used in my previous house and it used to work fine, but I dont know if that can help me in some way. 




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You shouldn't expect consistent performance from an internet connection that relies on a cellular data network, even if it's 5G. Yes, it has it's higher bandwidth capacity, but if everyone is using it and it's sharing data traffic with 5G-compatible smart-devices, you will get latency issues.

  1. What speeds are you paying for from your ISP?
  2. Is any device wired between the PS4 and the Hauwei CPE?
  3. Have you tried testing with different ethernet cables?
  4. If you run a speed test on a computer wired in to the CPE, what speeds and ping do you see? Also, run a trace route to Google and Cloudflare and tell us what you get.
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I regularly see pings drop to 200ms+ on Three, even when I'm not even actively using the connection (granted on 4G).  I'd kinda hoped 5G would solve that, but I'm not entirely shocked if it doesn't.

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